What to expect when you sign up with us

After taking the course
  • CBDDW will send you a PDF of your certificate
  • CBDDW will set up your profile site
  • You will have 30-minute one-on-one session to go over the site, products and your personal coupon code.
  • We will create a QR code for use on your social channels that links to your profile page
  • We will guide you how to best use your social channels
  • After all is set up
  • It is your turn to spread the word that you are a certified CBD Subject Matter Expert and that you have access to high quality CBD products.
  • Optionally, you may want to get business cards. We can provide you with a template.
  • Evangelize your contacts base, create videos and socialize, encourage your contacts to write reviews.
  • Sell products you like and trust to your contacts. You will be surprised at how many people use CBD. Some for health reasons and some for “fun”. They are likely buying from somewhere. You can be their trusted source as our products are great and they are 3rd party tested. CBD buyers tend to buy the same products regularly. You will find most will be repeat customers.
  • After you sold products
  • We ship out directly to your customers or to you if that is the choice they make. Orders are sent out the same day or worst case next day via USPS. For products that are sensitive to heat we pack them with appropriate cooling.
  • We track your sales via your personal coupon code and you will receive a 20% commission of the sold products. CBDDW will send out checks monthly on the 10th of the month.
  • What we will do while you sell
  • We will update the training course with the latest developments and will send you the link to the updates. You can also check that frequently.
  • CBDDW is constantly vetting new, great products and will add to your store. Once we do this we will let you know and send relevant information