About CBD Digital World

For years now, CBD Digital World has been at the forefront of providing educational information about all aspects of CBD. We helped numerous companies to set foot in the market by providing them with the tools and know-how to establish a successful business. We want to take this even further by enabling anyone interested to become a certified CBD expert and create their own CBD side hustle.

Our Vision

Let's strive for greatness in the hemp industry. With the help of "Ask CBD Genie," we're taking our mission to the next level by utilizing cutting-edge learning, tools, and AI. We're proud to offer a curated shop with premium, third-party tested hemp products and a "Hemp Certified" course to educate our clients. As if that's not enough, we're also providing profile sites for side hustles and digital services for hemp companies, making us a true one-stop-shop for all things hemp. Our team stays ahead of the curve by staying informed about market changes and leveraging the latest in knowledge and technology. We can't wait to see the impact we'll make in this exciting and rapidly expanding industry!

Our Mission

Learning is the cornerstone of our mission. We are staying current and creating tools to provide the best-in-class place for anyone interested or engaged in the Hemp world. Not the least of them is our AI, “Ask CBD Genie” tool. A great way to access information with leading technology