The 5 most popular CBD Seeds

Does a seed contain CBD? CBD lives in the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant. Unfortunately, there isn’t any CBD in seeds. Hemp seeds or hemp seed oil will not have the benefits of CBD. To achieve the full benefits, you want to use CBD products that are “broad spectrum hemp oil. You can […]

4 CBD Questions Trainer

4 CBD Questions Series

4 CBD QUESTIONS – TRAINER Consumers have a lot of questions regarding the emerging CBD market.  Buyers want and need information to make the right buying decisions. In this Q&A series, we are highlighting the most frequent questions consumers are asking industry professionals about CBD.  We hope it will be helpful.  Andrea in North Carolina:  […]


CBD Quality Quagmire

The Quality CBD Quagmire The 2018 Farm Bill provides a regulatory framework for hemp farmers, allowing them to legally grow, transport, and insure their hemp crops.   However, the Farm Bill does not extend beyond farming to the manufacture and sale of products made from the cannabidiol (CBD) extract.  The federal regulation of the manufacture and […]